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This site started off as a collection of bits of information and various resources on the town and neighbourhood of Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal. A place I was introduced to in 2004 when friends bought a property there. Since then and many visits later I have made a point of trying to find out as much as I can about the place and its surroundings. The site has since developed to cover more of the Algarve but is still very much centred on Luz.

This is not a commercial site, it is just a means of sharing my findings with anybody who might be interested.
however it does not mean you can you can help yourself to the content for use on other sites or any other published media without first gaining my permission.
All external links have been found by myself whilst walking around the town of Luz, talking to residents and shop owners, visiting the bars and restaurants and have all been checked out whilst browsing the web, they are not generating any revenue (for me). I do consider the content of these pages © copyright and they may not be reproduced or republished.

Hopefully the site will make you better informed prior to and during your visit to Praia da Luz. I welcome any constructive comment or criticism as well as suggestions for additions to the sites resources.

If I have inadvertently included property you consider copyrighted, or supplied incorrect information, or you feel you have not been adequately acknowledged or correctly represented, please let me know immediately and I will correct or remove the item as you feel necessary.
Thank you.
Neil MacPherson

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