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Algarve Transport -

Algarve Transport Information
Flights, Car Hire, Transfers, Train & Bus Links

Algarve TransportBelow are some links, that I have found and used, to sites which cover the following: Information on Airports that serve Portugal and the Algarve. Current baggage restrictions. Places where it is possible to get 'Cheap' Flights and reasonable Car Hire. Also if you don't need or want a rental car for your stay, transfer services between the (Faro) Airport and the town of Praia da Luz, or alternatively timetables for the Bus and Train services from Faro to Lagos / Luz.

 2012  Tolls on the A22
09/03/2012 The European Commission has now deemed the toll implementation as illegal, so we can expect a European Court of Justice ruling somewhere along the line, but in the meantime....
01/02/2012 Unfortunately Tolls will be in effect on the A22 from April. The tolls will be calculated whenever a vehicle drives under one of the 'gates' that are laid between each exit of the highway. There are currently 10 'sites' that clock the toll price, see below ( cars are Class 1, mini buses are Class 2 )
Rental cars will normally have a device that will calculate tolls due. For each rental, you will enter a contract with the CTT ( the Portuguese National Mail ) where all tolls will be collected from your credit or debit card. Otherwise the drivers of non-Portuguese registered cars must either, have their credit / debit card scanned on joining the motorway, or, present the vehicle registration number (license plate no.) supported by the log book (if requested), or equivalent documentation at a Post Office or Payshop Agent, and purchase Via Verde prepaid Toll Cards in values of 5€, 10€, 20€ or 40€ sufficient for their journey on the motorway.
Note: There is no 'tourist' exemption, larger rental companies will have a device in their vehicles which will take tolls from a debit card produced at the time of vehicle collection and will be checked there are no outstanding payments on vehicle return. Smaller companies will expect you to take care of payments yourself and will check and charge you if necessary, so best check before you take a vehicle to avoid disputes later ( especially when dropping off the vehicle at the airport prior to your departure ).
There is an official website where you can see what tolls are owing A22 CTT Toll Checking Website. This is not too helpful at the moment ( March 2012 ) as the English version is still under construction, but you can check the tolls by entering the registration number in the first field, and the text on the image in the second one, and clicking "CONSULTAR" below. The list of tolls to pay should appear.
For a downloadable (.pdf) clarification of what's involved.
For a downloadable (.pdf) map of toll gates and exits.
Associated Algarve Resident articles...
new rental car system for tolls

 2011  It looks like tolls may be introduced for the A22 ( motorway ), nothing fixed yet though as there is understandable protest for the plan. You may be tempted to start using the N125 ( the 'old' A road ) but whist it is perfectly good for short 'hops' it is not really suitable for trips to the west Algarve. Also bear in mind there are substantial road works forecast this year for the N125 which can only make a journey even longer.

Worth remembering is that whilst it is sometimes worthwhile 'holding out' for cheaper flight prices you will find that for car rental it is generally not, and premium rates apply when fleets are depleted in the high season.

If you are in a group ( e.g. golfers ) and are looking for mini bus / transit type buses, be warned that they are harder to get at short notice in the peak season.

Any comments included are my own, if you have something to add, had an agreeable or disagreeable experience ( especially when using the services through any of the links I've listed ) with let me know so I can 'pass them on' here.

 Update  The Summer rail timetable ( effective 02/2012 ) is shown below and is now available as a downloadable ( .pdf ) file.

 Update  Buses to Luz are much reduced these days the Onda timetable is available as a downloadable ( .pdf ) file.


U.K. Airports

Faro AirportIt was noted ( by Which Holiday Magazine 2010 ) that train services to the main airports were quite a bit more expensive than the service to the nearest town to a point where it was suggested that you could save money by travelling to the 'local' station and getting a taxi to the airport! The example quoted was the cost of travelling per mile to the station one stop before the airport on the Stansted Express, there was a 24% difference between the 39p per mile you would pay from Liverpool Street to Stansted Mountfichet, and the 51p per mile you would pay to the airport instead. Worth checking perhaps?

Faro  ( FAO )

Faro AirportAeroporto de Faro
Airport Information: Click Here
Distance to Luz: 70km  ( approx. 45Mins )
Minimum check in time 90 minutes ( U.K flights )
 11/2011  Passenger processing returns to normal. The system of passenger processing at Faro Airport which required passengers who had collected their luggage to be transported by bus from the baggage reclaim hall to the Parking Area (P6) has now come to an end.
Check arrivals / departures
Tel :(+351) 289 800 800
Tel :until 0.00 - (+351) 289 800 801
Tel :after 0.00 - (+351) 289 800 617

Lisboa  ( LIS )

Lisbon AirportAeroporto da Portela
Airport Information: Click Here
Distance to Luz: 295km  ( approx. 2:30Hrs )

Porto  ( OPO )

Porto AirportAeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro
Airport Information: Click Here
Distance to Luz: 640km  (approx. 5:30Hrs )

Sites for Cheap Flights

Flight prices are still totally unpredictable. Booking as early as possible must be the rule of thumb, but if you are fortunate to have a flexible timetable there are some great prices to be had. Broadly speaking, choose days other than weekends to travel and consider unpopular times such as first thing in the morning or last thing at night e.g., a 06.00 flight can be £30 / 50 cheaper than a 10.00 flight.
 Jan. 2013  Update: Airlines are continuing to charge for all bags in the hold, there is no one bag per person free anymore. Be sure to book baggage in advance (about £10 per item return) otherwise you will be charged £10 ( 20kg ) per item each way! You can get away with a slightly larger item cabin baggage than previously allowed (don't forget the liquids restrictions in cabin baggage though, see the links below) but best check this before you arrive at the airport.
Summary of Current Air travel hand baggage rules ( A Directgov link ) - 01/2011
Summary of Current Dangerous and Restricted items ( A Directgov Link ) - 01/2011

Booking multiple airline search for flights to Faro.


CheapflightsonlineCheap on line flights from the U.K.
Reservations and information on flights, holidays and airports for travellers from the UK.


FlightlineAll airline search from one page.
Check availability and book on-line.
Tel (U.K):0800 541 541.


Flights DirectAll airline search from one page.
Check availability and book on-line.
Tel (U.K):0871 226 2674.

The Flight Room

Airline, Hotel and packages.
 2009 rebranded.
Tel (U.K):01665 660 055


LastminuteAll airline search from one page.


Light Blue TravelFlights and Car Hire samples.
Email (U.K)
Tel (U.K):01223 568 904
Fax (U.K):01223 568 907

Major Airlines flying to Portugal

Which Magazine 2010 rated the eight worst-rated carriers as British, apart from Irish airline Ryanair. Thomas Cook Airlines came bottom of the short haul table, deemed worst for leg room; while Ryanair was rated poorly for its checked baggage allowance., Easyjet, BMI Baby, Thomson Airways and Monarch Airlines were all poorly rated.
Ryanair ( despite the reputation ) and Easyjet ( despite the added extras ) still seem to be the ones to consider for flights to Portugal.
Note If it proves practical / possible also consider perhaps using different airlines for outbound and return flights as great savings could be made if you are flexible on travel dates.

British Airways

British Airways to the Algarve.Generally the most expensive.
Single flights to U.K. reasonable.


2 stars

Easyjet to the Algarve.Probably the cheapest on a good day. Can be very good if you're lucky / flexible with your timetable. Still hopeless if you're six foot plus. Also everything is an 'extra' these days.
 02/2007  Managed to get cheaper prices for April 2007 compared with 2006.
Beat Ryan Air for the Budget Airline for Portugal destinations.
 01/2011 Last Used.
 07/2011  New service to Faro from Southend.
 01/2012  Check the prices carefully as 'Extras' being added.

GO Airlines

GO Airlines to the Algarve.Uses various airlines, occasional bargains.

Monarch Air

1 star

Monarch Airlines to the Algarve.Always worth checking. Most flexible pricing. They have been pretty good on prices / availability lately. Tend to have slightly better legroom than Easyjet. Watch out though for possible hefty 'service' charges for some dates.  11/2007 

TAP Air Portugal

TAP ( Air Portugal ) to the Algarve.Expensive. Rare bargains. Prices better for trips originating in Portugal.


Thompson HolidaysSome heavily discounted flights can be found for the rest of the summer due to a poor first half of 2009.
 07/2009  From November until spring 2010, flights to Faro will be limited to London Gatwick and Manchester airports only.


XLl Airlines to the Algarve. 08/2008  Ceased Trading

Aer Lingus

Aer LingusAdded for 2009. I've noticed some incredibly cheap prices appearing lately, not to mention more flights from London ( Gatwick ). Base prices look excellent but like all the rest has all sorts of add-ons. Bookings are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation.  03/2009 


RyanairSome excellent good prices coming up on the Stanstead route. Prices from £35. Certainly worth checking but see below.
 12/2012  A £6 per person single flight surcharge from December 1st, even using their own credit card!


PalmairOnly flies from Bournemouth.
Recommended by Which 2008

jet2.comOnly flies from Midlands / Northern airports. Recommended by Which 2008.


FlybeOnly flies from Exeter and Southampton. Recommended by Which 2008.

Sites for Car Hire

Booking from the U.K. is easy, but be aware there are dangers in booking the cheapest you find. It is probably worth paying that bit extra and booking with a 'big name' firm direct. I have come unstuck by paying an agent on-line and finding no car on arrival and no trace of the agents on my return home. Having said that it is still worth looking around and of course now days you can book on-line directly with Portugal firms which is slightly more reliable.
Look for Rates which include: Unlimited Mileage, Third Party Insurance and Taxes.
You also need to consider Collision Damage Waiver, Personal Accident Insurance or Full Insurance options. Any of these 'extras' can really bump up a 'cheap' base price.
Regrettably the Algarve has its share of car crime ( as do many holiday destinations ) so avoid leaving any personal items in the car, even if its in the boot, hire cars are easily recognized and targeted by would-be thieves.
Always carry some means of identification with you and have car documents to hand when driving. Failure to produce identification if stopped by the police may result in a substantial fine, even if you haven't done anything wrong.

Rhino Car Hire

Rhino Car Hire

This is a agent who will search 500+ suppliers for the best quote for your requirements.
Example: ( quoted in February 2012 ) 5 seat, Ford Fiesta, one week in June, all inclusive = £84
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Vehicle Theft Waiver, Liability Insurance, Premium Location Fee, VAT Local Tax, Road Fund Tax (RFT), Unlimited Mileage, Break Down Assist are all included where applicable.
A worldwide hire service, not just limited to Portugal.
( Launched in 2007, Voted Best Car Hire Website 2010 ).

U.K. : +44 (0) 845 508 9845
Email :

Algarve Car Rental

Algarve Car Rental

Quad Bikes, Scooters and Bicycles available at Luz branch ( by the church ). Some good prices to be had here.

Luz : (+351) 282 789 510
Lagos : (+351) 282 761 961
Airport : (+351 ) 289 817 355



A company based in Lagos. A full range of vehicles at reasonable rates. Prices available on request. On-line booking form.

Where :Rua D. Vasco da Gama nº51 B8600 - 722 Lagos.
Tel :(+351) 282 799 380
Fax :(+351) 282 799 369


1 Star

LuzcarsA long established, and reliable 'company'. Not bad rates. I've used them more often than any of the the others, with no problem.
Address :Largo Portas de Portugal Nº 10.8600-657 Lagos.
Tel :(+351) 282 761 016
Fax :(+351) 282 767 725

Master Kings

Master Kings Car RentalA rental company opened at Lagos Marina in June 2008. All inclusive prices. Collection and Return to / from Faro Airport or Lagos.
Where :Lagos Marina.
Address :Marina de Lagos, Nucleo Gil Eanes , loja 8 8600-780 Lagos.
Tel :(+351) 91 295 00 69
Fax :(+351) 289 819 960
Email :evacristinasantos
 03/2009  Now have a U.K. booking agent.
DoveHouse Travel - U.K.
 Web :
 Address : 377 Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom, B91 1BQ
 Tel : 0121 705 7425


Light Blue TravelFlights and Car Hire samples.
No longer on-line checking, on request only.


Holiday AutosAnother possible option for booking in advance. Part of

Portugal Car Hire

Rates from Faro Airport. Not the easiest of sites to use.
Mobile :(+351) 016 173 985


Yor-CarAnother rental firm with a good range of cars / buses at average rates, but possibly more secure, ( as advertised by "The Resident", the English newspaper in the Algarve ).
Address :Faro Airport - Montenegro 8000 - Faro - Portugal
E-mail :
Admin : Mr. João Correia
UK Tel :0871 733 6759
Tel :(+351) 969 777 854  05/2009 


Instant Price Comparisons ( Budget / Europcar / Thrifty / Alamo )
Some good rates but cannot seperate out the groups, just a listing of all.


CarTrawlerUsed by travel agencies for price comparisons. Average prices.

Rental companies with fleets at Faro Airport

If you haven't booked in advance, most of the major car hire firms are represented at the airport with offices either in the airport and / or just outside the door. You can get reasonable 'deals' depending on demand / season. If you use a 'partner' company to the airline you travelled on, show them your boarding card and you will normally still get the discount that you would have if you had booked before travelling. I managed a 40% reduction (Nov 2007) from Sixt by showing my Monarch boarding ticket stub.

Auto Jardim do Algarve

AutojardimTel :(+351) 289 800 881

Sovial Lda.

Tel :(+351) 289 889 456 - B.A. and T.A.P partner

A. Castanheira

Tel :(+351) 210 323 605

Europcar / National

EuropcarTel :(+351) 289 818 726
Leading European Car Rental Company.
Easyjet partner.


Car hire, Limo services.
Tel :(+351) 289 800 883

HR Aluguer de Automóveis

HertzTel :(+351) 289 818 248

Machado & Monteiro

Tel :(+351) 289 818 718

Sixt Rent a Car

Tel :(+351) 289 818 294 - Monarch partner

AlamoTel :(+351) 289 818 726

Shuttle / Private Transfers to / from Faro / Luz

I've found that pre-booking transport to your accommodation whilst in the U.K. ( or anywhere else for that matter ) is a painless operation and can be extremely useful. If you are visiting a town or resort for the first time you are more than likely to spend the first few days just walking about to see the sights and get your bearings. In which case why have a rental car sitting outside doing nothing? If you need a car later during your holiday it is easy to rent one for a day or two when required. There is nothing better ( especially after a very early or late night flight ) than having someone to meet you in arrivals at the airport, taking care of your luggage and driving you to the door of your destination, definitely a stress free start to your holiday. Depending on your numbers and your destination you can get a private transfer or a shared transfer, costs vary accordingly. Either way the costs should be no more than getting a taxi from the rank outside the airport. From Faro Airport will cost about €65 to €80. If you have not paid in advance (e.g. on-line) you should check the price with the driver before travelling, don't be afraid to query anything that does not match the rate you were originally quoted.

Advertised by Easyjet and by far the cheapest I've found so far.

Faro Airport Transfers To

Airport transfers to Praia da Luz. Book on-line. €136 Euros return ( 1 to 4 ), €160 Euros return ( 5 to 8 ). Also rates for groups up to 19 passengers, enquire for larger groups. You can pay online or direct to the driver. All other Algarve destinations covered.

Take me There

TakeMeTherealgarvetransfers.comTake Me There

Airport transfers to Praia da Luz. Book on-line. €152 Euros return ( 1 to 4 ), €172 Euros return ( 5 to 8 ). Also rates for groups up to 16 passengers, enquire for larger groups. You can pay online or direct to the driver. All other Algarve destinations covered.

Algarve Transfers Direct

Algarve Transfers
Airport transfers to Luz. Book on-line. €140 Euros return per vehicle ( car / 1 to 4 ), €170 Euros return per vehicle ( minibus / 5 to 8 ). No pre-payment required. Pay the driver. You can also book the transfers from your hotel or villa, to all Algarve locations, to Faro and other airports and to the golf course of your choice at very competitive prices. Use the link to their site for complete price lists. Algarve Property owners can get discounts.
Tel : (+351) 914 863 462
05/2013Email :


Polotur - Faro Airport
Airport transfers to Luz. Instant Quote on-line. Pay in advance or driver. Tried this in June (07) and found them spot on. Since been used frequently by friends with equally good results. Courteous and prompt service. Reliable. €160 return for a private (mini bus) transfer for 5 to 8 adults + luggage (door to door).


Airport transfers to Luz. Instant Quote on-line. Pay in advance or driver. A bit more expensive than above.

On line search and booking service ( up to four days before travel ).


On line booking centre. Shuttle bus from £20, Taxi from £63.

Bicycle and Motorbike Hire

An alternative to your regular means of transport. I would suggest a good level of fitness a prime requirement before contemplating bicycle touring ( see the things to do page for organised tours ). The terrain can be a little hilly to say the least. Surprisingly you don't see a lot of two wheeled transport being used in the Algarve but scrambler type motorcycles have got to be ideal for some of those more inaccessible places and great fun.

Algarve Car Rental

Bicycles, Mopeds, Motorbikes and Quad Bikes for rent in Praia da Luz.
Tel 24Hrs :(+351) 966 046 308
Tel (Office) :(+351) 282 789 510
Fax :(+351) 282 789 077


Aldo Bikes, Scooters, Quads.
Address  :Rua José Afonso, 23, Lagos
Tel :(+351) 282 761 720



Distances between Algarve Towns (km's)

Aljezur 81
Almancil de pera 97 26
Alvor 53 49 37
Amacio 25 34 66 18
Faro 47 66 13 10 39
Lagoa 54 13 12 41 56 25
Lagos 26 80 39 19 67 30 51
Loule 68 42 16 35 54 8 98 27
Monchique 75 41 33 87 46 29 74 71 58
Olhao 95 24 88 62 9 55 74 21 118 47
Portimao 70 25 50 18 8 62 21 4 40 25 33
Quarteira 52 30 77 11 70 4 22 37 56 9 100 29
Sagres 102 63 120 736 100 32 58 112 71 51 99 42 83
St Bart. de messines 83 35 33 53 58 33 51 36 45 29 37 32 81 21
S.Bras de portal 46 113 24 63 17 88 13 81 55 17 48 67 21 111 40
Silves 6 17 66 52 16 70 41 50 34 8 62 21 20 43 64 33
Tavira 85 22 68 135 4 85 20 110 35 103 77 29 70 89 43 133 62


23 108 45 91 158 69 108 43 133 58 126 100 52 93 112 66 150 85

Trains from FARO to LAGOS ( 2012 )

 The train station is 5kms from the airport. Take a taxi or a bus, both from just outside the Arrivals entrance at Faro airport to the train station. You can then take a train along the coast. Services tend to be infrequent and can be unreliable, but they are getting better. The journey to Lagos takes about 1¾ hours and costs around 7 Euros. Its then a ten minute taxi ride from Lagos station to Praia da Luz. Altogether the most cost effective way to get to Luz (but not the most practical if you have a lot of luggage).
 Tip :  Senior citizens aged 65 and over are eligible for a 50% discount on weekday rail travel using the cartão dourado (senior card), which can be purchased at ticket counters. Note: Discounted tickets can only be purchased at certain main-line stations ( Lagos & Faro are o.k. ) and cannot be used on suburban commuter trains at rush hour.
Please note that train times below take effect from December 2011. Please check before travelling >> CP ( Train Timetable ) Website select the Regional / Inter Regional option then the Lagos/ Vila Real de Santo António / Lagos service. or use the link below for a download of the timetable.
Downloadable .pdf version Faro - Lagos - Faro, Algarve, Train Timetable - Adobe PDF Faro > Lagos > Faro - February 2012
 01/2011  As part of the Portuguese government's cost cutting exercise it looks like there will be some heavy duty reductions in train services ( and possible station closures ) in the Algarve during 2011. For up to date information check Algarvebus ( formerly Thomasallen's ) website.
 Number: 5900 5902 5904 5906 5908 5910 5912 5914 5916
all stops Daily
Faro                   07:12 09.27 10.55 13:00 16.17 17.30 18.27 19.10 20.10
Pq. Cidades +7 7              
Almancil +6 13              
Loule +8 21              
Boliqueime +7 28              
Albufeira +9 37              
Tunes +6 45              
Algoz +7 52              
Alcantarilha +5 57              
P. Barreto +5 62              
Silves +6 68              
Est.-Lagoa +7 75              
Ferragudo +4 79              
Portimao +8 87              
Mexilohoeira +8 95              
Meia Praia +6 101              
Lagos                 08:50 11.13 12.34 14:46 17.56 19:07 20.08 20.52 21.48
     - Not Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays
 Number: 5901 5903 5905 5907 5909 5911 5913 5915 5917
all stops  Daily
Lagos 06.11 06.55 08.26 10.37 12.53 14.10 16.24 18.10 19.15
Meia Praia +4 4              
Mexilhoreira +6 10              
Portimao +9 19              
Ferragudo +3 22              
Est.-Lagoa +5 27              
Silves +7 34              
P.Barreto +5 39              
Alcantarilha +6 45              
Algoz +5 50              
Tunes +5 55              
Albufeira +11 66              
Boliqueime +8 74              
Loule +8 82              
Almancil +5 87              
Pq.Cidades +5 92              
Faro                   07:51 08.37 10.18 12.19 14.32 15.48 18.06 19.57 20.57
Be sure to check train times. For more detailed information, contact the Information Service.

Buses from the Airport to FARO centre to LAGOS

The bus station is 6kms from the airport. There is a local bus service operating between the airport and Faro centre about every hour. The stop is also just outside arrivals. During the high season ( summer months ) a special Aerobus service connects with the town centre. As most arrivals are heading west to Albufeira and further you'll need to get the bus from the airport to Faro bus station then catch the fast 'Tranrapido' bus service along the coast. Purchase tickets in advance in Faro bus station. Services are limited at weekends on normal lines. To make sure you don't miss connections in Faro it's a good idea to take a taxi to the bus station, however you can use local buses to and from the airport at no additional charge providing you have flight tickets / stubs for travel that day.
There are buses that run from Faro to Lagos ( approx. two hours ten minutes ), they will also stop at Portimao and Albufeira, currently costs about 5.35 ( single ) 10.70 ( return ).
You can then get a local bus from Lagos to Praia da Luz (approx.10 minutes) which stops near the centre of the town ( just up the hill from the square ) and also just as you come into Luz on the 'old' road ( Rua Dirieta ) Costs about 1.70.
Pre-paid Rechargeable ticket cards
If you reckon on staying in a particular place for a while and are likely to make the same journey, e.g. Luz to Lagos, several times, think about buying a pre-pay card. This rechargeable card is good for a set number of journeys in either direction. It will save you money ( roughly 20% ) and also queuing time, but there is an initial €3.00 fee ( non-refundable ) for the card. You can buy the cards from any bus station ( Lagos ). There are separate cards also available for the local city buses not operated by EVA, ask at the bus station.
A couple of points to bear in mind - Tickets are not interchangeable between different operator's buses. All the city buses require a different ticket to the inter-urban routes.

 10/2010  The times for Luz buses ( and a lot of other routes ) have changed to the Winter timetable. They aren't on the bus stops yet. I got the following times from the sources below.
 01/2011  Good Friday ( April 22nd ) Sunday / Holidays times apply.
 01/2011  Expect Fare Increases on all routes due to IVA ( VAT ) increases from January 3rd 2011.

Up to date information or a very good alternative 'unofficial' site Algarvebusinfo (formerly Thomasallen )

TRANSRAPIDO - Faro <> Lagos - Normal Daily Service
Faro Terminus > Lagos Terminus Lagos Terminus > Faro Terminus
Depart Arrive Depart Arrive
08.00  10.10  07.00 09.00 
09.05  11.15  08.30 10.35 
12.30  14.40  10.30 12.40
14.30  16.40  12.35 14.45 
16.25  18.40  15.00 17.10
17.25  19.40  17.15 19.30 

     - Not Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays
Downloadable .pdf version Faro to Lagos, Algarve Bus Timetable - Adobe PDF Faro > Lagos
Downloadable .pdf version Lagos to Faro, Algarve Bus Timetable - Adobe PDF Lagos < Faro

National Holidays 2012

February 16
Shrove Tuesday 4 Friday
April 22
Good Friday † 1
April 24
Easter † 1 Sunday
April 25
Freedom day Portugal 1
May 01
Labour Day 1 Sunday
May 02
Mother´s Day 5
June 03
Corpus Christi † 1 Thursday
June 10
Portugal Day 1
August 15
Assumption Day † 1 Tuesday
October 05
Republic Day Portugal 1
November 01
All Saints´ Day † 1 Sunday
November 28
First Advent † 5
December 01
Independence Day  1 Sunday
December 05
Second Advent † 5
December 08
Immaculate Conception † 1 Sunday
December 12
Third Advent † 5
Dec 19
Fourth Advent † 5 Saturday
December 25
Christmas † 1
December 31
New Year´s Eve † 5    
† Christian holiday - no holiday
1 official holiday (public day of rest) 2 official holiday (like Sunday)
3 half-holiday (normally starting from noon) 4 legally not recognized holiday (business, schools, administrations usually closed)
5 event day  

Line 4 - Lagos <> Praia da Luz

The buses that run between Lagos and Luz ( Igreja Sr.ª da Luz ) are operated by ONDA. The one-way fare is only €1.70. These buses also go to Espiche and Almadena. This bus takes an extremely roundabout route between Lagos and Luz. What used to be a 10 minute journey ( Summer 2007 ) now takes nearly 30! It stops at several places convenient for the Luz area, i.e., when coming from Lagos to Luz - the Boavista Golf resort before turning off the N125 on to the 'old' road into Luz, the ( Orbitur ) Valverde campsite just outside of Luz, just coming in on the old road, at the start of the Rua Direita one-way system ( East Luz ), Luz Ocean Club, opposite the Luz Tavern by the Church, on the main road by the cinema, Hotel Belavista and vice versa if going to Lagos.
Summary of Onda's Line 4 - Lagos <> Luz
Luz is shown as Igreja Sr.ª da Luz on the bus / bus timetable.
Weekdays: Buses run about every 45 minutes between Lagos and Luz, and very irregular beyond e.g. to Burgau. Last bus from Lagos to Luz is at 20.00 during the winter and later buses at 21.49 and 23.04 during the summer.
Saturdays: Now only five buses each way Lagos - Luz, four of these go to / from Burgau. The last bus in winter 18.30. Two later buses run Lagos - Luz and Luz - Lagos during the summer.
Sundays: Same as Saturdays but times slightly different.

Click here for the complete timetable (horarios) for Lagos <> Luz  
Regional (Onda) Bus Services

The notes on the official timetables are in Portuguese so the following may help...
Todos os dias, incluindo sábados, domingos e feriados - Daily, includes Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
Dias úteis e sábados - Weekdays and Saturdays. Does NOT run on Sundays or Holidays
Dias úteis - Weekdays only. Does NOT run on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
Dias úteis, domingos e feriados - Weekdays, Sundays and Holidays. Does NOT run on Saturdays.
Domingos e feriados - Sundays and Holidays only.
Só aos sábados - Saturdays only.