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Algarve Maps -

Maps of Praia da Luz & The Algarve, Portugal

A few maps and links to maps of Luz, Lagos and the Algarve you may find useful.
Don't forget to pick up a 'freemap' whist visiting the Algarve. They cover most major towns and are available most everywhere. Invaluable!

The recent addition of the 'searchable' Google Map is a bit of an experiment at the moment, so sorry for any 'hiccups', you may have to add the name Portugal after the town name you are looking for e.g. Lagos Portugal.

Click Here for a full size version of the ( Google ) Western Algarve map below ( opens a new page).

Click on any of the maps for a larger image.

The Western Algarve

Beaches on the Algarve

( Click on the map to enlarge )

Algarve Map

Sketch Map of Praia da Luz (from Freemaps)

Luz FreeMaps

The Algarve

( Click on the map to enlarge )

The Algarve

Praia da Luz / Lagos / Portimao

Luz, Lagos & Portimao Outline Map


Lagos Food Map