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Algarve Shopping Centres -

Algarve Main Shopping Centres, Portugal

Algarve Shopping CentresFor those of you who want to explore beyond the Praia da Luz region during your holiday, here are some of the main shopping parks / precincts / malls / complexes / centres that can be found in the Algarve ( bear in mind none of them are more than an hours drive away from Praia da Luz ).
 01/2010  I'm pleased to say that there are several large projects underway ( still ) despite the recession with a new centre having just opened in Olhao ( East Algarve ). Nearer to Luz is Aqua, a largest centre in nearby Portimao which opened mid 2011.
Any remarks about the shops and businesses are my own views. You may not agree. So why not try them and let me know if you disagree with my comments or have some of your own you think I should include.
Tip Some large supermarkets / shopping outlets may ask to sticky tape shut any shopping bags ( from other shops ). This is a fairly common policy to combat against shoplifting, so don't be offended.
Tip Pretty much all of Portugal now operates the 'Chip and Pin' policy on all credit and debit card transactions, so remember to take your Pin numbers with you.

If you are a proprietor and wish to add / amend any detail, let me know by clicking on the link.
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Map of Main Shopping Centres in the Algarve

Forum Algarve
Shopping Precinct
( Details )
Algarve Shopping
Shopping Precinct
( Details )
Quinta Shopping
Shopping Precinct
( Details )
Modelo Shopping
Shopping Precinct
( Details )
Ria Shopping
Shopping Centre
( Details )
Aqua Portimao
Shopping Centre
( Details )

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Algarve Main Shopping Centres

Each new shopping centre ( mall / precinct / complex ) built on the Algarve is better than the last. There are now plenty of recognisable international chains represented such as Benetton, Staples, Gucci, C&A to name a few.

Forum Algarve

Forum Algarve Shopping - Faro, Algarve

Forum Algarve - Faro, Algarve


Second biggest centre in the Algarve ( 45,000 sq.m. ), built in 2002.
Over 200 shops, spread over two levels. Half of them in the open air and half under cover. International shops are present such as C & A
Plenty of Cafes and Restaurants.
A huge hypermarket ( Jumbo ). A couple of points... when you enter Jumbo, supermarket attendants will normally ask to seal the bags from other shops with Jumbo logo'd sticky tape to combat shoplifting. Don't be upset as it is pretty much standard practice at many large stores in Portugal.
Also Jumbo is one place you are guaranteed to find that elusive baby formula ( dry or ready made up ).
A family entertainment centre. Well suited for children. Baby facilities in every cafe and restaurant.
A Multiplex ( 9 screens ) Cinema - Tel: ( +351 ) 289 887 210.
You can get more information on the Forum Algarve by calling the customer service desk, ( English Speaking )

Open :The shops are open every day between 09:30 and 23:00 and in the summer months and leading up to Christmas they are open until Midnight.
Tel :( +351 ) 289 889 300.
Where :Located in Faro itself. On the EN125, head in the general direction of the airport and then follow the shopping signs into Faro.

Ria Shopping

Ria Shopping - Olhao, Algarve


A shopping centre ( opened April 2009 ) located just east of Faro ( an hours drive from Luz ). A three storey centre, covering more than 9,000 square metres.
There are 70 shop units at the centre and retailers including Sportzone, Zippy Kidstore, Worten Mobile, Brinka and Pão de Açúcar ( Supemarket ). There is also a food court with space for 13 establishments. There is also a multiscreen cinema ( more details soon ).

Stores :Monday to Sunday - 10.00 to 23.00.
Restaurants :Monday to Sunday - 10.00 to 24.00.
Supermarket :Monday to Saturday - 09.00 to 23.00.
 Sundays and Holidays - 09.00 to 13.00.
Where :In the centre of Olhão, between the EN125 and Rua Antero Nobre.
Address :Centro Comercial Ria Shopping, Estrada Nacional 125, N.° 100, 8700-137 OLHÃO.
Management :
Tel :(+351) 289 714 751
Fax :(+351) 289 714 752


Modelo Shopping - Portimao, Algarve

Modelo Commercial Centre - Portimao, Algarve


Smaller in size compared to other centres with 'only' 58 shops over 4 levels. Newer than the others and more convenient for Praia da Luz. Light, bright and 'airy'.
A large Continente grocery store. There is a Burger bar, Pizza Hut, a couple of cafes and a proper restaurant.
A 6-screen cinema.

Services :Taxi service, Toothbrush dispensers in toilets, Child Care Services, Diaper changing rooms, Baby chairs in the restaurant area, Support services for the handicapped and pregnant women, Reserved parking spaces, Adapted toilets.
Complex :Summer Schedule - 1st July to 31st August
 10:00 to 23:00,
 Winter Schedule
 10:00 to 22:00,
 Christmas Schedule - 10th to 23th December
 10:00 to 23.00.
Hypermarket :Summer Schedule - 1st July to 31st August
 Mondays to Saturdays - 8:00 to 23:00
 Sundays and Holidays - 8:00 to 13:00.
 Winter Schedule
 Mondays to Thursdays - 9:00 to 22:00.
 Fridays and Saturdays - 9:00 to 22:00.
 Sundays and Holidays - 9:00 to 13:00.
Cinema :Summer Schedule - June 15th to September 15th
 Mondays to Thursdays - 15:00 to 00:30.
 Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - 13:00 to 00:30.
 Winter Schedule
 Mondays to Thursdays, Sundays and Holidays from 13:30 to 22:30.
 Fridays, Saturdays and Holiday Eves from 13:30 to 00:30.
Address :Modelo Portimão Shopping Centre, Quinta da Malata 1 8500 152 Portimão
Where :take the turning off the N125 to Portimao ( by the hospital ) follow the main road into Portimao heading towards Praia da Rocha. Keep going straight on. Get in lane so you go through tunnel, after tunnel follow road up to big roundabout, and turn into the shopping centre which is on your left.
Tel :(+351) 282 490 840
Fax :(+351) 282 490 850
 03/2009 - 01/2010  The English web page option still missing.

Aqua Portimão

Aqua Portimao Shopping Centre

Portimão Aqua Portimao

Covering a total floor area of 47,250 m² spread over three levels ( making it the biggest in the Algare ) , Aqua Portimão features a shopping gallery of 35,500 m², attached to a Jumbo hypermarket and offering 117 stores, nine mid-sized units and 21 restaurants. All the facilities you would expect, Post Office, ATM, Baby facilities, etc.. It also includes a three-level underground parking area with 1,800 spaces.

Hours :
Center -Sunday to Thursday 09.00 - 23.00
 Friday, Saturday & Holiday Eve 09.00 - 0.00
 July, August and December 10.00 - 0.00
Pharmacy -Opening soon.
Supermarket -Sunday to Thursday - 09.00 - 23.00
 Friday, Saturday & Holiday Eve 10.00 - 0.00
 July, August and December 10.00 - 0.00
Address :Rua de São Pedro, nº 72, 8500 Portimão
Where :From A2, A22 or N125 head toward Portimao centre, take the exit ( Cardosas ) right next to the tunnel - at the roundabout follow signs Aqua Portimao.
Tel :(+351) 282 413 536.
Fax :(+351) 282 483 551.

Algarve Shopping

Algarve Shopping - Guia, Algarve


A busy large mall with a large selection of stores ( 100+ shops ).
A comfortable multiplex cinema.
A hypermarket.
Several cafes and restaurants on the top floor.
A large sun terrace.
Free pushchairs and pedal cars.
There is a crèche on the first floor for 2+ year olds ( €5.00 per hour ).

Centre :09:00 to 00.00.
Shops :10:00 and 22:00.
Address :Algarve Shopping, Lanka Parque Comercial e Industrial do Algarve. Lote R, Fracção 3 Tavagueira Guia. 8200 – 417 Albufeira Portugal
Where :Guia, on the EN125 just outside of Albufeira.
Tel :(+351) 289 105 500
Fax :(+351) 289 105 514

Quinta Shopping

Quinta Shopping - Quinta, Algarve

Quinta Shopping Centre - Quinta, Algarve


A really smart centre with open air terraces and wide esplanades catering for the resort. Its not worth a trip from Luz and it is quite expensive.
Designer fashion, Jewellery, Cosmetics feature most.
Chinese and Indian restaurants.
An 'English' pub.

Tel :Shopping condominium service. (+351) 289 392 355.
Where :Quinta Shopping is located directly at the roundabout at the entrance to the Quinta do Lago Resort

Bougainvilea Plaza

Bougainvilea Plaza Shopping - Quinta, Algarve


Next to Quinta Shopping ( above ).
Catering more for daily shopping requirements for the resort. The Forum in Faro is probably a better bet for a major grocery shop.
There is a bank, newsagent and several cafes and restaurants.

Where:At the roundabout at the entrance to the Quinta do Lago Resort ( next to Quinta Shopping above )