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Other Algarve Web Sites -

Other Praia da Luz, Algarve & Portugal Web Sites
Maps, Magazines, Guides & other useful website links

Other Algarve Web Site Links - If you really feel you need to go elsewhere for more information on Luz or just can't find what you are looking for, first tell me, so I can include the information here. Second, below are some other web sites I have found interesting reading and / or useful additional sources of information. The contents of this page will change from time to time as some sites expire or just 'disappear' and I always keep an eye out for new ones to add.
Should you use any of the services listed here, please let them know where you got the information from, for no other reason than it encourages them to keep me up to date with changes in their details.
 07/2009  Added a section for U.K. based companies specialising in 'things Algarve'. So if you run a business that relates to Algarve holidays, drop me a line and I'll mention it here.
If you would like me to add your own FREE( relevant ) link or want your existing one edited / removed please contact me.

Recent Additions to the page

Embrace Sports - Calender of Running events.

Easyjet Holidays - Tailor made Algarve packages.

isupportlagos - A webportal that has been designed as a wiki about Lagos.

Algarve 123 Newspaper - Free weekly classified ads and online newspaper.

Afpop - Useful Information for foreign residents.

Portugal & Algarve Newspapers ( English )

The Portugal News

The Portugal NewsThe Portugal NewsAn English newspaper covering Portugal. Free online.

Contact :The Portugal News is published by Anglopress Edicões e Publicidade Lda CP 13
Rua Municipio de S Domingos Urb. Lagoa Sol, Lote 3 r/c 8400-415 Lagoa Portugal
Tel :(+351) 282 341 100
Fax :(+351) 282 341 201
Email :For all departments use the form online.
Publisher: Paul Allen-Luckman
Editor: Brendan De Beer
© All content and design is copyright Anglopress Lda and The News Group of Newspapers
See the latest issue online ( .pdf )

The Algarve Resident

The Algarve ResidentThe Algarve ResidentThe English Newspaper for the Algarve. The website covers popular articles from current and previous issues as well as news, views and local advertising. Also available on subscription.
If you have information that you believe is newsworthy, or is of general interest to others, please contact or call (+351) 916 111 011 after 5pm or weekends.

Published by:-
MMS Publishing Lda - part of The Resident Group
Head Off :Rua Visconde de Lagoa, Nº 2 e 3, 8400-329 Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal.
Address :Apartado 131, 8401-902, Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal.
Tel :(+351) 282 342 936
Fax :(+351) 282 342 939
Email : - General -

Algarve 123 Newspaper

Algarve 123 NewspaperA unique publication on the Portuguese editorial market that can be classified in part as a “free-ad paper.
Published on-line every Thursday. Stacks of classifieds, private and commercial. News 'bites' and articles of interest.

Address :Algarve 123, Apartado 2123, 8501-902 Portimão. Portugal
Tel :(+351) 282 418 881
Fax :(+351) 282 418 880
Email :General - editora@algarve123.com07/2011

Magazines ( Algarve tourist guides )

Algarve Welcome Magazine

Welcome Magazine - Algarve Tourist GuideA selection of magazines and guides for the Algarve. Free or by subscription. Publishers of the free and exceptionally popular, useful quarterly ( now annually ) 'Welcome' magazine. Can be picked up in most supermarkets, hotels and some of the larger bars. Seasonal issues. Regional issues. 
See the latest issue online ( .pdf )

Maps of the Algarve


Home of the really useful Freemaps- online / printable copies of the popular guides to major places in the Algarve ( includes Luz ). You can pick one up most anywhere. Usually updated once or twice a year.

Miscellaneous Luz Related Websites


A Little Praia da Luz information but has a popular beach bar webcam.


The popular Restaurante Atlantico in Luz.


Private Accommodation for rent in Luz

Vila da Luz Bowling Club

Praia da Luz's own Bowling Club. Visitors welcome.

Other Towns in the Algarve Websites


isupportlagos.comA webportal that has been designed as a wiki about Lagos, including all its "freguesias" (parishes).
In addition, they are currently busy with a major internet marketing campaign about Lagos and are promoting it as a destination of choice internationally.
Also see the main site for more detail on the community empowerment project.
Neil's note... A project that I support and recommend.07/2011

Vilamoura tourist guide

About the town of Vilamoura.


Lisbon Tourist Guide. ( Comprehensive )


A very comprehensive Lagos based site.


Salema accommodation and town guide.


U.K. based Algarve Holiday Companies

Easyjet Holidays

Algarve holidays with EasyjetOffering cheap holidays to the Algarve that can be tailor-made to the customer’s needs, and they require a very low deposit. Full prices for 7 nights start from £93.93 per person.
11/2011Tel ( U.K. ) :0843 104 1000.

Embracesports Holidays

An established U.K. based company that arranges a full range of running holidays in the Algarve.
Calender of events 2013 / 2014
Mobile :(+44) 207 924 5098.
04/2013Fax :(+44) 207 183 8277.

Miscellaneous Algarve related websites



An excellent Bistro / Bar in the nearby town of Alvor.

The Wine Bar


A Wine Bar Bistro in the nearby town of Portimao.

On Line Travel Guides & Information Sites


A project managed by the Algarve Tourist Board. Heavy duty, as expected but the information is there if you take time to find it.06/2009


Patchy information. Links directory, travel, weather, maps, golf. ( not developed 12 months on in several areas )


Algarve news and information portal ( Covering the Central region in particular )03/2009


A ( developing ) site featuring various webcams located along the Algarve.02/2009


A site I found by accident. Just read some of the forum threads for a flavour of Portuguese living and some very handy local knowledge.10/2008


A good source of information for the Algarve generally. (inc. Business Section)


So Much World's Portugal Travel Guide
About Portugal and what you need to know to plan your trip.


A well known source of good information, visitor reviews and forums for Praia da Luz and the Algarve in general.


A nice set of pages of general information.


The Golf pages from the above site.


Links directory, travel, weather, maps, golf.


Principal Towns of the Algarve Information


Reviews on accommodation in Luz. ( Some annoying popup pages )

Virtual Algarve

Algarve links including golf.


Portuguese services information. (Gas, Electric, Water) amongst a lot of other information on a well established site.


Afpop - Information serviceAFPOP has been serving the foreign residents in Portugal for the last 20 years. Their core business is to provide information, assistance and advice to foreign residents.

Open :Monday – Friday, 9:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:00.
Address :AFPOP - Associação de Proprietários Estrangeiros em Portugal. Apartado 728, 8501-917 Portimão
Telephone :(+351) 282 458 509
Fax :(+351) 282 458 277
Email :info@afpop.com07/2011

A site which has more handy shopping words in Portuguese.


Back home? Get your favourite Portuguese food 'find' delivered to you.


Algarve Weather

Weather (BBC)

The current weeks weather in Lagos ( nearest source to Luz ) according to the BBC ( U.K.)

Weather (WF)

The current weeks weather in Lagos ( nearest source to Luz ) according to the Weather

Weather (HW)

The current weeks weather in Lagos ( nearest source to Luz ) according to the Holiday

 a few On-line shopping sites in Portugal

Planet Sofa / Abode

Furnishings. ( in English )

La Redoute

Clothing and furnishings. ( in Portuguese, but you can switch to English at the foot of page )


Electronics, games, films etc. ( in Portuguese )

Robert Mauser

Electrical bits. ( in Portuguese )

Bertrand Livreiros

Books. ( in Portuguese only )

Radio Popular

Electricals. ( in Portuguese only )


Office supplies. ( in Portuguese only )


Books, games, films, software, hardware and more. ( in Portuguese )